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Snake in the Grass

Stella Joanes walked out of the kitchen and into the warm summer air. She stretched as the warmth of July hit her thin body.
Stella was not the best looking girl in her school, her short brown hair and size B breasts didn’t make boys turn their heads towards her, but her five foot eleven inches did make her one of the tallest girls in her class.
She stood there for a while, feeling the cool grass under her feet as she listened to the remaining reports on the radio. One of the minor headlines was that a mutated snake had escaped from the local zoo labs and that people were advised to stay indoors and report the sighting of the snake. But this was the summer holiday, and Stella didn’t feel like staying cooped up indoors on a sunny day like this, so she ignored the radio and walked out to the middle of the garden, where the most sunlight was.
She knew that she didn’t attract the boys with her looks, but she would soak up the sun to get the perfect tan which all the boys begged for. Tossing off her t-shirt, sandals and shorts, she laid herself down on the cool grass with only her yellow bikini on. Stella felt the warm rays of the sun on her skin. She smiled, closed her eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep.
If Stella had bothered to listen to the radio more closely, she would have learnt that the mutant snake had escaped from her local zoo lab.
Cold yellow eyes stared out hungrily from under the bush at the sleeping girl. A long, thick forked tongue flicked out and waved around in the air, catching the sent of the brunette in front of it. It was ages since it last ate. It had found a way out of the captivity it was kept in and had explored around until hunger grew within it, so it had waited for something to come its way. The creature in front of it was the perfect size for it to digest, it was unaware, unarmed and unprotected. The perfect meal in the perfect environment.
It slithered out from the shade of the bush from which it had been hiding, and made its way towards Stella. It circled around her, carefully sliding its body around her while positioning its head above hers.
Stella stirred from her slumber as she felt cold coils around her.
The snake quickly constricted at it lowered its head, opening its mouth as it came closer to the brown hair.
Stella was wide awake now and struggling as the snake increased its grip, screaming for help as she feed her arms to try to prevent the snakes mouth from sliding over her face. This frightened the snake, the noise would attract danger. It needed to silence and devour its prey before anything responds to the girls screams. It increased its grip on the struggling mass, squeezing the air out of her. Stella’s fingers had found their way inside its mouth in an attempt to pull it off, but the snake slowly sucked them in, dragging her hands and arms into its body.
Stella was panicking as she began to feel the pressure squeeze her, making her breathless and tired. She felt a strong suction pull her arms up and over her head, into the mouth of the reptile which had decided to make a meal of her. She began to feel weak, so weak that she couldn’t summon the strength to resist any more.
The snake felt its captive relax, enabling it to enjoy the taste of her arms in its mouth. It savoured the flavour before pushing on and over the fore head of Stella. Stella took short, sharp breaths as she watched the snake pull over her eyes before fully engulfing her head and arms. It was dark and smelly inside the mouth of the snake and Stella gagged as the snake sucked her deeper, passing her small breasts and reaching the top of her stomach.
The snake uncoiled itself from Stella’s body, confidant now that it was safe from danger. The prey feebly kicked the air, but it was useless as the snake slid down her belly before reshaping its mouth to allow Stella’s backside to fit inside its sticky maw.
Stella prayed for help to arrive, but hope seemed to fade as she felt her waist slide into the wet tunnel which was the snakes throat.
I’m gonna die. She thought as she tried kicking again, to no avail. Oh, God, I’m gonna die!
It was hot and sticky when her upper body entered the snakes elongated stomach, the walls of which pressed tightly against her. Up in the mouth, Stella could feel her legs being sucked in, first her thighs then her shins. Her feet now stuck out in the sunlight before they two were brought into the wet, fleshy prison which was destined to become her demise.
The Snake gulped down the rest of its tasty meal, allowing it to pass easily down its throat. The snake then rested in the warm sunlight, allowing the digestive juices to flow.
Inside, Stella felt the rest of her slip into the stomach of the snake and felt the acidic juices burn her. With the burning pain and the lack of oxygen, she fell unconscious.
Later in the afternoon, Stella woke up. She was lying in a hospital bed, her skin felt very sensitive. Looking around, she saw a man from the zoological lab sitting to her right.
He explained that he was out looking for the escaped snake when he heard screaming several houses away from where he was. He had rushed down to where the noise had been coming from and was just in time to see the snake swallow her feet from over the tall hedge. He had managed to find away in while calling for back up. He had managed to get the snake to regurgitate her by grabbing a hosepipe and turning the water on. His priority was to get her to medical care, so the snake had escaped, no where to be found.
Several weeks later, in the late August, Stella sat alone in her bikini top and shorts on a park bench, looking out over the enormous pond. Things were looking better for her, she recovered from the shock and the acid burns and was paid several thousand pounds in compensation by the Zoological labs. It had taken some time before she found the courage to go out side again, but when she did, she would listen very carefully to the radio reports and make sure that she went out with at least one other person.
Today was a particularly hot day and Stella had decided to go out and enjoy the remaining summer holidays. She now felt confidant to go out on her own, but she decided to head to a public place so that she knew that help would come sooner or later. It was strange, but there seemed to be very few people coming here, sometimes none at all. There was a small gossip going around that every time a person entered into the park, especially if they were young teenaged girls, they never came out again, as if they had just suddenly disappeared. But there was no proof to the gossips, so Stella felt relaxed.
As she stared out over the pond, Stella suddenly became aware that the warmth of the sunlight upon her back had disappeared. She slowly turned her head and was pulled backwards as the snake which had attempted to eat her back in July lunged over her head. It had grown since they last met, feeding and growing from the tasty people that entered the park. Now it was payback on the first meal to have escaped.
For Stella, she realised that as she was engulfed again by the large reptile, no help was going to come for her this time.
A story which was written when I saw an image by darthhorus under the same name. I couldn't resist but write this, I hope darthhorus likes it.
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2014lgildea Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Rymanfx99 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Excapes to be killed again? PLOT TWIST
Oakheart12 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Evil aren't I?
Rymanfx99 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Nope just a good wrighter
Oakheart12 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2012
Thanks :)
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pirates10k Featured By Owner May 4, 2009
it has a moral but i cant think what lol[link]
stegosaur3 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2008
Yikes!!! Good story!
Oakheart12 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008
Thank you. It was the best one I had written for a while. If you could give me some ideas for further stories, it would be great.
stegosaur3 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
Maybe you could try illustrating them or a comic version. I wanted to see the whole story in that style.
Oakheart12 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2008
I prefer this in a story version (mainly because I have such a vivid imagination). But maybe someone could do it in a comic version, since I am not as good a drawer yet. I only got the idea from Darthhorus's illustration of Snake in the grass.

Sorry if I appear snappish, but my computer is playing silly buggers with me.

Maybe you could ask someone really nicely to do a comic, so long as they aknowledge the creators (i.e. Me and Darthhorus)
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